If you think hiring a security guard is costly affair, think twice

Security guards deter illegal and inappropriate actions, observe for signs of crime, fire or disorder, then act immediately and report any accident to the concerned authority. Thefts, assaults, vandalism and other crimes are prevented by the presence of a guard. Unarmed security guards are visible deterrent to would be thieves and safe guard your premises. Security personnel are trained to manage situations such as unruly crowds, intruder alerts, fire or medical incidents etc.

Whether your business is a retail store, school, construction company or hospital, security solutions are undeniably required everywhere. The presence of security guards serves as a deterrent to potential law makers. Security guards are seen in public and private buildings, as well as retail and wholesale establishments. You can hire security guards for day and night. There’s only one way to ensure complete safety for your workplace or home, that’s by hiring security guard.

Security guard professionals possess competent skills and experience to utilize complete know-how and revolutionary technologies. Your company may be making costly and security mistakes by not hiring unarmed security guards. Have you ever thought why is your bottom line decreasing when top notch accounting employees are overseeing the financial aspects of your company, your support staff is excellent, and the production team is hardworking? Sounds like your business your business should be thriving but actual picture is far from reality.

Let’s find out three major mistakes that companies make by not hiring security guard personnel.

  • Trusting your employees blindly

Employee theft statistics indicate that 75% of the employees have stolen from their employer at least once. Expensive laptops, merchandise and construction materials may be too tempting for some employees. If you are not hiring security guard for your company, you are inviting would be thieves and making your own loss.

  • Believing that your workplace is safe

It does not matter if your office is in a low crime area, there is no guarantee that your business will never be a target for criminals. By hiring unarmed guard to work on premises, you could reduce the risk of theft. Security guards are well trained to look for danger and react quickly to prevent potentially harmful solutions.

  • Neglecting to include security while strategic planning

If you have overlooked to include proper security measures in your strategic planning, you have committed a costly mistake. Replacing stolen merchandise and equipment, lost productivity, and legal and insurance cost could be exorbitant as compared to the cost of hiring security guards.

Bottom Line

If you want round the clock protection of higher priority target locations, and critical infrastructure facilities, you should contact security guard service companies without giving a second thought.


Need protection from an evil eye? Head to Security Guard Protection

Business owners, regardless of how big or small the establishment is, could potentially face crime or theft occurring on their premises. Hiring security guard personnel is one way to protect your business from these types of targets. With business operations becoming more interrelated and global, major assets of companies are under a constant threat. That’s where you need to enlist the help of a reputable security guard services.

Security guards are visible deterrent to criminals. Security guard solution providers give you access to world class protection, proficiently trained guard, and state of the art technology that will ensure protection of your premises, staff, and/or residents, 24/7. A wide range of needs that security guard services cover include: Special event control, Executive protection, concierge services, VIP and reception services, dog and guard teams etc.

Security officers are fully screened for their professional demeanour, ability and attitude. Physical security solutions from professional security guard service providers are designed to fully integrate with client’s electronic systems to ensure maximum protection for assets and workers.

Shopping malls and plazas, Warehouse and industrial buildings are prone to car theft, robbery, vandalism, muggings and other sort of crimes. Hiring security guards can significantly prevent these crimes from taking place.

Looking at the emerging security needs of diverse backgrounds, security guards have taken different forms such as static guards, Patrol guards, Personal security officers, Marshals, Safety escort services etc.  These security personnel are well trained in diverse types of security practices, from crime prevention, risk detection, fear and panic amelioration, to crowd control and apprehension techniques.

Apart from being a necessity, hiring security guards offers several other benefits. Here are five of them:

  • Offer a sense of security
  • Prevent crimes
  • Promote good customer service
  • Handle security issues
  • Maintain a safe and secure Environment

Having someone keeping vigil all the time will keep theft at bay. Security guards in Sydney, along with video surveillance services could help the concerned authorities to solve cases of theft or even more serious crime. Security officers are more likely to catch the vandals in the act. Guards easily identify the vandals on video to help police catch trouble makers. Security guards from reputable security solution providers are hired after thorough and complete background checks, criminal record and fingerprint checks. This ensure complete safety of the environment.

Bottom line

From deterring crime, overseeing the comings and goings on a property, to helping solve any crime, to providing peace of mind, Security guards form an essential element of any business or community. By hiring reputable security personnel, you are not protecting your workplace against threats, but showing your employees, customers, investors and associates that you genuinely care for their well-being.

Is Your Security Guard Attacked? Here’s What You Can Do

Security guards or close personal protection officers are responsible for providing an additional level of protection to individuals, businesses or private property against external threats. While the primary duty of a security professional is to observe and report felonious elements or suspicious behaviour indicative of criminal activity, there occur unfavourable situations that leave security personnel vulnerable to violence or assault.

If one of your security guards has been caught in such a situation and faced fatal injuries while on the job, here are a few essential steps you can take to handle the situation and prevent the reoccurrence of the same.

Step 1. Investigate

Needless to mention, security personnel are required to keep a log of activities that take place around the site they’re deployed at, which serves as legal documentation to be referred in case of a criminal situation.

Review the documentation and onsite surveillance recordings to get a better idea of the situation while interviewing cooperative witnesses to determine what exactly happened.  Not only will analysing the legal documentation help in legal proceedings but it will also provide an appropriate approach to ensuring strategic safety measures in the future.

Step 2. Review and Resolve

The next step would be identifying factors that lead to the assault in the first place.

Was the assaulted officer posted around an exposed location at the time of the incident? Was the officer enforced to intervene when exposed to a spontaneous threat to life? Were surveillance cameras available to monitor the activity and notify law enforcement?

Finding answers to these questions will help you make improvements around security workspace, which will ensure an enhanced level of safety onsite.

Step 3. Take Required Action

Once you have analysed the situation and identified the factors that led to the assault on your security guard, you are ready to make informed decisions around the changes you need to make in order to mitigate potential attacks on your security guards.

Take necessary actions immediately and make sure the changes you make are in the best interest of people involved.

To Sum Up

Even if you deploy your best security officers on the required site, the chances are your officers may be faced with situations when protecting their clients that leave them injured or assaulted. If your security guard in Sydney has been a victim to onsite assault too, take immediate actions to enhance security of your personnel as well as your clients.

Security Guard protection, the bright light at the end of the crime tunnel

Keeping the premise of a business or residence safe is never easy.  Maybe you are you’re afraid to leave your construction site unattended at night with all that expensive construction equipment or you require personal protection. You might be planning some big event down the line and need crowd control or finding security personnel for your office.  Whatever your security needs might be, you certainly want to make sure your belongings or loved ones are completely protected. Right kind of security calls for professional intervention and employing professionally trained, reliable, punctual and licensed security guards can help in protecting people and property.

No matter how advanced security equipment you install to reduce security breaches, unless security guards are hired, maintaining complete security is going to be elusive. Getting the right kind of security takes some professional intervention to help one get complete piece of mind. Did you know that security guards are on the front lines helping emergency personnel at disasters, protecting students and youth groups while travelling abroad? Hiring security guard could be your best defence, if you and your property need protection.

Why you need security personnel?

  • Visual security presence
  • Preventive measure
  • Immediate response to incidents
  • Reduce Malicious Damage and Theft
  • Protection for people and property

What makes security personnel Pivotal?

  • Rigorously trained

Many security solution agencies provide rigorous training and licensing programs to their security guards so that they can provide exceptional help at times of crisis. These officers are trained in threat awareness, crisis management, customer service, anti-terrorism and many other areas.

  • Crisis Experts

Professional trained security guards are well trained in emergency and crisis management. They are ready to put their lives on line to keep you sound and safe.

  • Wrapping up

At the point of theft and burglary, victims are often terrified by the perpetrators. Security personnel present at the crime location often foil the theft or robbery attempt. Security guards help the police to nab the culprit.

Security guard Services can help you in your quest of securing the premises. Surveillance cameras, facial recognition software, alarms and other advanced tools are not sufficient to ensure safety at your work or home. You need to deploy security personnel who are up to the task whenever the situation demands.

Security Guard, your go-to source for security

Don’t skim when it comes to your security. A security guard, hired to provide safety and support at your special event or small business, just might save the day. Security professionals are carefully selected for their unmatched training, reliability, professionalism and, friendly and responsive service, to deliver you highest quality protection. In addition to being an operative first response to any legitimate security incidents, security guards act as a visual deterrent to abate the possibility of crime, trespassing and vandalism.

Key things to consider when hiring your security partner

From your business operations to your fancy soirees, a security guard adds a stabilising presence to any event. When you hire security officers from Australia’s leading provider of bespoke security guard solutions, you can expect a made to fit security solution based on your specific requirements. Security needs can be different depending on the situation.

A team of highly trained personnel offer services specialised to your situation- whether it’s for a private event, school, business, your residence or shopping mall. Feel safe with the person hired to keep you safe and make them your go-to source for security. But before hiring the security company you should ask some questions to ensure that you get the best security in the industry.

Research the security company that you wish to hire to learn if they:

  • Do security tests and background check of employees
  • Recruit and train security guards against a carefully designed range of core competencies, and undergo a comprehensive selection process that may include literacy and numeracy testing, police checks, reference checking and probity clearance.
  • Perform regular drug testing
  • Offer armed guards in case of high-risk situations.
  • Offer ‘observe and report’ guards wherein security guards are trained to collect evidence and take statements in the case of crime or accident.
  • Have standards in place of who works for the

The mere presence of security guard provides safety in itself. The front-end investment in hiring security personnel gives priceless peace of mind, while saving your money and life by deterring crime and shoplifting. Security guards take the worry out of safeguarding people, properties, and assets that matter most to you. So, hire security guard specialists for the responsive service you deserve.

Signs You Need to Look for A New Security Guard Already

Security guard service has become an inevitable need for businesses such as bank, conventional stores and even office premises that are vulnerable to vandalism, burglary and other criminal activities.

However, not every business that is on the lookout for a private security guard service ends up with a right one. This brings us to discuss common signs that indicate you have hired a wrong security professional and need to hire a new one immediately.

Preoccupied with personal issues

If your security guard seems way too much engrossed in personal issues and is unable to keep their personal life out of their job, you might want to reconsider your security guard options.

A security guard can’t afford to be spaced out no matter what they’re dealing with in their personal life.  They are responsible for protecting their client and their property from unseen threats and risks. If they have some issues going on in their personal life which they’re preoccupied with at work too, there’s a good chance they are not fully absorbed in their job.

Unnecessarily Talkative

Do you always find your security professional engaging in idle conversations with people around? It may be time to look for a new guard.

Engaging in unnecessary talks and discussions during work hours depicts unprofessional behaviour of a security guard. Such practice makes it easier for burglars and criminals to gain access to the premises and cause loss and damage they intend to.

Inappropriate on-duty behaviour

A successful career as a security guard demands much more than knowing how to do your job. A security guard must know how to properly behave and conduct themselves on duty.

Here are a few signs of inappropriate behaviour on duty that not only exude an unprofessional and irresponsible attitude but also put the client’s safety at stake.

  • Drinking. Not only does it affect their fitness and health but it also reduces their ability to sense emergencies and response quickly.
  • Smoking including use of tobacco. It can interfere with a security guard’s fitness for duty, professional image and work.
  • The last thing you want to encounter is watch your so-called professional security guard taking a nap on duty. This can increase the chances of criminal attacks and incidents and loss and damage associated with it.
  • Listening to music. A guard who is always humming with their earphones on or dancing to music on their phone, will naturally respond late to emergencies as they occur while increasing the risk and loss involved.


If any of these potential warning signs sound familiar, you are better off looking for a new security guard, Sydney.

Remember that having a security guard stationed around your residence or business is a paramount to protecting you and your business and property against potential risks and dangers. So, make sure to compare your choices for security service on the basis of qualification, experience and reputation.

Interested to know what goes on when your back is turned? Security Guard can help

Living in times of greater security and safety risks has made it quite essential to ensure that your residential or business premise is not intruded upon by vandals, burglars, or other anti-social elements. By deploying security guards, you are reducing the risk of vandalism, theft, burglary and any unforeseen casualty that could possibly arise from active shooter or terrorist event, protecting the life of many innocent individuals. Aim of security guard companies is to deter and prevent possible crimes and offer complete peace of mind by protecting your property and workplace even when you are not around. Security guards hired from security guard companies are fully screened and extensively trained to cope up with emergency situations.

A well trained and highly professional licensed security guard can maintain the utmost in discretion when deployed for your security. Since each event is unique and one size doesn’t fit all, Security guards can be deployed to cover all aspects of event security. They specialise in handling every aspect of event security regardless of the location and nature of the event, such as crowd control, escorting, entry and exit checks, car park management, access screening, patron ejection and roaming, and, floor and stage control.

Security officers are trained to operate in Wide gamut of situations and locations, lets look on security services they offer

  • Asset Protection

Security guards are well trained to safeguard your property and equipment from theft, fire or vandalism. Asset security guards can be hired to safeguard construction sites, empty homes, building and facilities, unsecured property, poured concrete driveways, near completed homes etc.

  • Corporate security

Corporate security guards solve several safety and security concerns for retails and enterprise, offer customer service and help you in asset protection, concierge, corporate protection, break in building security etc.

  • Event security

You can rely on professional event security guards for ensuring fun filled safe environment for you, your guests and assets.

  • Retail security

Security guards hired for retail security deter criminal attacks by implementing cost effective strategy such as uninformed security and covert loss protection.

Security guards respond appropriately to all situations, they are competent enough and trained to handle any sort of medical emergency that may arise. Safety and security of your property or business being their priority, security guards are well trained in drug trafficking, loss prevention, violence, dishonour, disorderly conduct etc.