Convenient yet Proven Ways to Improve Workplace Security

Brick-and-mortar businesses and corporate sites are increasingly becoming targets of theft, vandalism, abduction and security breaches. Keeping that in mind, business owners must see workplace security as a litigate mandate.

Having sad that, here are some affordable security solutions you can implement to make your office premises a more secure workplace for your employees and prevent your assets from potential threats.

First Things First

  • Conduct a comprehensive crime control assessment on your office building to determine your security needs.
  • Assessing the findings of the assessment, establish an effective security program and take appropriate precautions.
  • Conduct a security awareness program for the entire office staff including employees, support workers, janitors and others to learn the importance of internal security and essential security practices and procedures.

Physical Security Solutions

  • Post professional security guards and officers at the common entrances for constant surveillance.
  • Install advanced CCTV cameras equipped with intruder and fire alarms to keep a check on visitors to your building and alert you to detrimental incidents.
  • Set up silent, concealed alarms at the reception desk or area.
  • Install electronic access-control locks to restrict unauthorised entries.

Additional Measures

  • Issue and mandate photo identification cards to employees and temporary passes to visitors.
  • Install key card access systems at main entrances and on common doors.
  • Issue access control badges, with recent photographs, to all employees and authorised contractors.
  • Have an alternative communication system, like walkie-talkie, to be used in case of phone failure.
  • Make access control formalities and procedures mandatory for your employees and the entire staff.
  • Maintain an emergency contact file containing personal information like contact number, address, medical history and more to be used in case of emergency.

The Takeaway

Incorporating a high level of security inside and outside the office premises is a requisite for any business regardless of the size, nature and industry. While you equip your business with cost-effective security solutions, make sure you don’t have to compromise on quality and functionality for money.

In addition, when on the lookout for security guard hire or professional security services, ensure the professionals are licensed and reliable so as to get the most out of your investment.


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