We asked some Security Guards working in Sydney for their best stories. These were their responses.

Response 1:

One time I got hired to look after an 18th birthday party on my own that was meant to be pretty low key. This was when I was working at the Gold Coast a few years back. Everything was going great until about two or three hundred kids turned up looking to get in. It all happened in a matter of minutes and it was scary as hell.

I raised the alarm with the owners who got busy inside making sure all of the guests were protected I guess. The revellers all made it to the front door straight away and were hassling me to let them through when I copped a bottle to the side of the head that someone must have thrown and I blacked out for what must have been less than a minute. I came to and managed to stop people from forcing their way inside. About 20 kids must have got through in that time. I locked the front door and went inside to eject the gate-crashers that made it through.

What they weren’t prepared for was something I don’t thing I will ever see again in my lifetime.

The father of the birthday boy, his uncle and one of his older brothers had armed themselves in the lounge room with stock whips while guests (ranging from petrified to entranced) were watching on. As the gate-crashers came into the room, they were given a very clear instruction to exit the premises through the side door in the lounge room, which a couple of the smarter ones did. The ones that didn’t very soon got a taste of how adept the stock whip practitioners were with their tools and copped what must have been excruciating blows to the backs of their legs and the middles of their backs.

The whole experience was surreal. The whips were all going off with a loud crack which frightened everyone in the room except the punishers themselves. The gate-crashers who only a couple of minutes ago were the toughest youths on Earth were squealing like piglets who had been set on fire and knocking each other over to get out the side entrance. The crowd outside must have though guns were going off – it wouldn’t have occurred to them that it was stock whips.

I followed the boys (they were all boys) out the side entrance and politely asked them to leave. They complied.
The police arrived a couple of minutes later and eventually dispersed the crowd.

The party continued as though nothing had happened. I have been a security guard for over 20 years and have never seen anything like that night.

Response 2:

I had started a new job after just having moved to Sydney and had been working there for just under a week. I had really met anyone there except some of the guys I took over from and we never really said that much in the beginning. It would be fair to say I didn’t really know anyone there except my line manager and he went on holidays two days after I had started.

I turned up to work in the early evening as I was doing the night shift when I saw the security guard I was replacing being set upon by individuals who were wearing the same uniforms as us. My initial thoughts were that we were being attacked by thugs who were wearing our uniforms as disguise. I waited for just one second more then decided to engage.

I lined up the closest attacker and sized him up. He was big, but his attention was on my colleague. Both of these assailants seemed oblivious to my presence. I figured they mustn’t have seen me. I knew exactly how I would take the first guy out – a correctly timed blow to his chin would put him straight to sleep and leave me only one adversary to deal with. My colleague would also be free, so it would be two on one. None of us were armed with anything more than a heavy steel torch which in hindsight was lucky.

Just as I had started to make my move I heard someone call my name loudly which made me stop. I turned around and saw one of the other guards that had relieved from duty this week. He was waving his arms desperately trying to signal to me to stop.

I got it straight away. The ‘victim’ was being detained by the two other security guards. I learned later he had been stealing company property worth several thousand dollars. These guys had waited until I started my shift so that the post was not left unattended.

It all happened in a matter of minutes and he was escorted off the premises by the police who arrived during the apprehension.

I have been a Security Guard in Sydney since for the last 5 years and not seen an incident like that one.


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