Security Guard Sydney

Poor economic times and growing unemployment lead to crime in large cities such as Sydney.  The entrée into crime is usually petty.  Petty thieves have a tendency to target offices, factories and residences which have no perceptible security service.  Police force security is spread too thin due to the number of criminals at large against the available police and call out time.

Employing a security company or security guard service is usually a case of closing the stable door after the horses have bolted.  Potential customers for security guard services are usually under the misapprehension that armed or unarmed security guards are expensive.  Expense can be measured against the possible losses incurred by a criminal intrusion and subsequent theft of valuable goods or cash but the main loss may be the damage caused by the criminals gaining entry to the premises

The security guard industry offers a wide range of options from in situ security guards to simple and inexpensive detection systems which would raise an alarm at the security company resulting in a visit by the guards who nine times out of ten would arrive at the scene far quicker that the police … however the security organisation would simultaneously notify the police of a possible break and entry at the target premises.

In hiring a security guard company some of the questions are: what is their scope of providing security; at what times is the security required – a few hours for a one-time event or permanent overnight in situ security guards; what is the cost of the service against my potential losses in property and assets?

Dalton Security in Sydney offers protection for the Home; Office; Factory; VIP personnel; Restaurants and Bars; Licenced Premises; Parties; Crowd control, and in fact almost every situation one could imagine that security against intrusion, nuisance or burglary that may be presented.

Over the past 5 years Dalton Security have been at the forefront of the security industry by recognising clients’ needs and balancing those needs against the cost.  Dalton Security Services highly skilled personnel design a security plan to fit any need and budget.

Can you trust the company … can you trust the security guards?   The answer to both is an resounding YES you can.  The company stand by its reputation and that of its guards.  Each guard is thoroughly vetted during the application process.  A police check is standard operating procedure and the candidate for the security guard position must have an unblemished record.  The applicant must also be of high moral standard and a respected member of the community.  Personal and work references are check thoroughly and sometimes this requires a visit to the referee by a Dalton professional human resources executive.  Dalton’s stand by their reputation and will not allow anything to tarnish it.

Whether you are convinced you need surveillance security or security guards or not it will cost nothing to have a thorough assessment presented to you no matter if you are a one-time customer or require the regular services of a Dalton Security Guard.


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