Things to be aware of if you want to work as a security guard in Sydney

The security guard industry has had a constant battle with how it is perceived by the public. Security guards have often been associated with the nightclub drug industry, had links to organised crime and has recently been the news after corrupt training practices were uncovered by the media. For those wanting to work in the industry, there are a lot of opportunities for both full time and part time work, but you should be aware of local influences that have changed the security guard industry in Sydney.

  • Lockout Laws.

    Lockout laws have decimated the number of security based in and around Sydney CBD. Anyone looking for work specifically in this area should expand their search to other jobs. The bouncer makes up a tiny percentage of the security workforce and there is the likelihood it will shrink further in the short term. There have been numerous initiatives by business leaders and community representatives to have these laws overturned, but it will potentially be years before we see this sector of the industry undertake any kind of significant recovery.

  • Be careful who you work for.

    The security guard image problem in Sydney isn’t without foundation. There have been several well documented cases of corrupt and illegal practices by firms who had links to organised crime syndicates and drug traffickers. There has been a lot of effort by politicians and law enforcement to try to clean up this industry which has been relatively successful, but has also forced some of the more crooked security companies to work smarter while still continuing to operate. If you do take on a job and discover illegal or unethical practices, you will potentially be taking some big risks if you choose to continue to work there. The best strategy is to find the right firm first.

  • Get the right training.

    Getting your security licence is sometimes not easy depending on the individual and their background, but you will save yourself a lot of pain if you get the right training the first time. ABC news recently uncovered a security licence broker run by a firm that has found to be effectively selling licences, so you can expect that there will be a lot of political and industry pressure focused on training and licence background. Do your research and select only reputable firms when you go to get your accreditations to work as a security guard in Sydney.

  • The security industry as a whole is going through a boom.

    There is growing demand for security guards Australia wide, but the demand is especially strong in Sydney and is expected to increase rapidly over the next 5 years as local and state governments invest heavily in infrastructure. If you have the right qualifications and you have good English, there has never been a better time to work in an industry with more positions vacant than qualified personnel to fill them.


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