Considerations for Security Guard Hire

If you are looking to hire a security guard, you could be one of the many companies looking to secure their assets or property. You could be the parents of a teenager having a party and wanting to ensure that things don’t get out of hand with gate-crashers fuelled with alcohol, drugs and social media. Whatever your requirements are, there are a few things to consider before you engage the services of a security professional and if you are shopping around for security services, please consider the following:

Use Licensed Professionals.

Believe it or not, there are security vendors that advertise and offer services without a security license. It might sound obvious, but you should check the credentials of any company offering security services and you should also check the identities and qualifications of the actual individuals delivering the services that you engaged them for.

Make sure they are fully insured.

Any reputable security company will be fully insured, but it may surprise you how many companies have skimped on insurance to increase the bottom line in what has become a competitive and low margin industry. Make sure you ask to see the types of cover each company you are considering using, and even compare the types of cover they have. This will give you a good idea on the professionalism of each company. You could just go for th e cheapest service, but this may come with a significant cost, if an unplanned incident occurs and the security company you are using does not have the proper insurances that they should have to operate.

Does this company have appropriate experience?

An experienced security company should be able to save you a lot of money. They should be able to ascertain your requirements quickly and even help you determine what those requirements are. Any security guard company that has been operating for an appropriate amount of time will have seen your situation and should be able to identify risks you haven’t thought of and be able to resource your job efficiently, hence saving you money. When you are out shopping for these security services, you should be asking questions like “So what would you normally do in a situation like this?” or  “Are there any other risks that we are not aware of?”

If the company you are considering using does not have satisfactory answers to these questions, you may want to look around a bit further before you engage their services.

What are the costs?

As mentioned previously, sometimes trying to save costs up front could lead to more expensive costs later if you hire the wrong security professionals and don’t your due diligence. Usually costs for security services shouldn’t vary too much. The security guard market has become heavily commoditised even though it has expanded somewhat it recent years. If you see big variations in the costs you are quoted, ask the suppliers to explain where those additional costs are coming from. In most cases it should be easy to identify the differences in the quality of service and judge where the best value proposition is coming from.

Remember that when engaging any kind of security services, you are the customer and you set the terms for employment or service engagement. You should have a written contract (even for the smallest jobs) so that each party is fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.


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