What Are The 3 Biggest Concerns for Sydney Security Guards?

If you provide security guard services in Sydney, you have a different set of concerns keeping you awake at night that those of security guards working in another country. Tight gun laws introduced in the 1990’s have helped greatly reduce the amount of gun-related violence in Sydney’s streets. So while the kinds of threats that are prevalent in countries with more liberal gun laws still exist in Sydney, it is concerns of a different nature that occupy the thoughts of the local security professionals. We asked a number of security guards working in Sydney for their views on current and emerging threats. Below is an amalgamated list of their answers.

Drug Related Violence

There are fewer things scarier than being in a confrontation with drug-affected youths who have lost all sense of reality and are in a hyper aggressive state. When you talk to security guards working the Sydney club circuit, it is becoming an increasingly common spectacle. Ask any experienced veteran working in the industry and the have all seen it, but they say the worst occurrences have all been in the last 10 years. The smarter security companies ensure that their professionals keep their training up to date in being aware of the different drugs that are available on the streets and how to spot them. The overwhelming concerns were all around the unpredictable nature of revellers when under the influence of these substances. Concerns for themselves, but more for the innocent people around these individuals who aren’t trained to deal with them and are often vulnerable to harm. A serious incident at a venue that harms genuine people just out for a nice night is just as distressing for a security guard being involved in an altercation or being injured themselves.

Violence Involving Weapons

How would you feel if you knew that at any point during the day or night, you could be involved in a situation where your attacker had a serious advantage over you because they were armed? Many of the security guards we talked to said that they tried not to think about it that way. The occurrence of incidents that involved any sort of weapons were said to be rare, but were common enough to worry about. More to the point, it only takes one incident that can leave you permanently damaged or dead. Knowing this is stressful and this prolonged stress over time can itself be damaging enough. It seems weirdly ironic that the psychological damage done to a professional working with the knowledge of potential threats involving weapons over time can be just as incapacitating as an assault with these weapons, even though this assault never actually occurs. This is the nature of the security industry and being resilient to the threats involves being mentally tough as well as physically tough. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an incident with a weapon, the only defence you will have is your training. Make sure it is as good and as current as it can be.

Being a Victim of the Law

One of the only things worse than being involved in a serious incident is being held liable for damages and / or prosecution after the event, especially if you believe you were innocent of any wrongdoing. There have several high profile cases involving security guards who have been fined, barred from working in the industry and even jailed for their involvement in incidents that have made their way to court and had rulings go against them. Whether they made a mistake under duress or injured an individual due to them being in a situation where they felt threatened, security guards in Sydney have been increasingly feeling that one of their biggest threats is keeping up to date with changing and often seemingly ridiculous laws that recreated by people with no knowledge or experience with the industry. Again, the best defence is your training. Anyone who works in the industry who doesn’t keep their training up to date is effectively negligent.


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