Preparing for An Interview as A Security Guard

As with any job interview, the image you are going to want to portray is professional, reliable and honest. If this is your first interview for a security guard related hiring process, try to draw on your experiences that demonstrate that you will be the employee that the company wants you to be. There are a lot of interview questions available that you can use to practice with. We will use a few here.

Look at the sample answers by all means, but try to be original with your own answers. When preparing for your interview, you should also look at other common job interview questions or sample interview questions for jobs similar to being a security guard. Here are some sample security guard specific questions asked to security guards wanting to work for a Sydney security guard company and some sample answers / answer guides.

Can you tell me about a time when you were able to resolve a potentially violent situation without force?

The employer here is looking to see if you can defuse a situation without physical force using your people skills which are highly valued. Obviously, sometimes using force is necessary but the fewer times physical force is used, the less risk there is to the company. People skills are an important part of being a security guard and they are highly valued within the company.
Sample Answer:
I used to come across a potential conflict every couple of minutes in my last job working for a club where patrons were not allowed to carry their drinks through from one section to the other. Some would be argumentative – there would be at least one potentially violent situation each night. I found that the best solution was to have the club construct a very authentic looking sign explaining the rule and I would just point to that, so it wasn’t me being the bad guy, I was just enforcing the club rules. I would even shrug my shoulders in sympathy while I pointed it out. It was amazing how the reactions changed. We would still get the occasional difficult situation, but much less often. It meant that I could enjoy the night a lot more too which was great.

If you are working at an event where there are large numbers of people, what signs do you look for and what kind of actions do you take to try to prevent riotous situations?

In these types of situations, it is important to be constantly monitoring the crowd and looking for flash points that might start trouble. Communication with your team is important and any potentially explosive situation has to be shut down quickly before it draws in other members of the crowd and intensifies.
Sample Answer:
I was working the NRL in Sydney on night and we had a fight break out between 5 members of the crowd. I communicated this situation to the other members in my team and we had 6 guards there within 10 seconds. All of the aggressors were ejected from the grounds immediately. In this sort of scenario, response time is absolutely crucial because there were children around. The client wants to be seen as providing a family friendly atmosphere, so every second is crucial.

It helps if you can provide a bigger picture reason for the actions you take so that the employer knows you understand the reasons you are doing the job you do and the actions you take. Demonstrating your awareness of the client’s needs is important too. It may have cost your employer a long and expensive sales campaign to secure that job. Demonstrating that you are focused on providing great service to all of your employer’s customers is important.


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