Being A Security Guard in Sydney – What Are Your Career Options?

Becoming a security guard in Sydney is relatively easy. Getting your security licence is doesn’t present too many barriers for most people and the training is comparatively short to other courses that job-seekers might choose to undertake and there is plenty of security related work in Sydney.

Government and private investment in infrastructure and property projects across the city is driving demand certainly for asset protection, and to a lesser extent personnel protection, so getting your first job in the security industry in Sydney isn’t too difficult, but many security officers have often complained that there isn’t really any way to progress your career much after that first job and that getting ahead in an expensive city like Sydney is difficult working as a security guard.

There are significantly more people working in private security than there are working as police or in armed forces. They often face the same sorts of risks as police and are placed in similar positions of trust and responsibility. They are usually given less training and inferior pay, but are expected to perform in the same professional manner and they are exposed to all of the same legal ramifications that more highly trained professionals are exposed to if they respond to a situation incorrectly such as being seen to use excessive force. Here are some suggestions for security guards working in Sydney that want to progress their own career prospects and get ahead.

Remuneration and Job Profile Are Skills Based

With many security related jobs there is a physical aspect to good performance, but there are other responsibilities that will be part of operating a security organisation that will require other skills. If you are able to develop and demonstrate these skills than you will become a more valuable asset to the company and may be able to use this as leverage for more pay or better benefits. Jobs in management, security operations, finance, job scheduling and business development all exist in security companies with larger numbers of employees. It is up to the individual to decide on which skills they feel they can develop to increase their own personal level of qualifications and might also depend largely on the organisation they are currently working for and the demand for particular skills in that environment, but when you choose to upskill do so with the following guidelines:

  1. Get training in skills that are in demand across the whole industry (and even other industries);
  2. Upskill in the areas where you feel you have the most ability and in doing a job where you would feel happy turning up to work every day.

Manage Your Own Career

Take charge of your own life, your own goals and make decisions that you feel are right for you. There are huge opportunities for employee career progression and budding entrepreneurs in the security industry if you look. If you are satisfied with working as a security officer for the majority of your career, then that is okay too. There will always be a need for asset and property protection and much of the work will be difficult to automate in the future as opposed to other industries where real jobs are being threatened. So if this is where you see yourself, you will probably always be able to get work. Don’t be complacent and assume that this will always be the case.

Josh King is the founder and Managing Director of Dalton Security Services in Sydney.


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