Security Guards Sydney – New Year New Job

For most security guards living and working in Sydney, January is a quiet month and a chance to rest up after the end of year celebrations. For many, it is a time reflect on the year gone by and look towards setting some career goals for the new year. It is also the time when many security guards get prepared for securing new roles, promotions and a plan for upskilling themselves for this year. Remember the following as you launch head first into the new year:

February Is an Active Month.

Companies have their budgets in, staff are well and truly back on deck from the holidays and there is the traditional spike in job vacancies all in February. If you are looking for a new role or a promotion, then make sure your CV is ready so you can pounce on that new job as soon as it is advertised while other candidates are still scrambling to get theirs into order.

Set Your Own Goals.

Whether it is preparation for getting that new job or getting yourself ready for a longer-term transition, there is no better time than January to plan and get your sights set on what it is you want to achieve in this industry and what you want to develop yourself into. Make your own choices about where you want to be and what role you want to be working in. make your own choices about what risks you are willing to accept and give yourself the best chance if an opportunity comes from nowhere that you weren’t expecting.

Focus on Your Physical Condition.

There is no better way to start the year than being in top physical shape. It will help you feel better while you work and you will feel better to be at work. Depending on what security role you are working in, it may save you a serious injury or your life. A security professional who has a strong focus on their fitness is the better professional. You will feel better about the work that you do and you will be a much stronger candidate for any new opportunity that might come your way. You will feel more confident about yourself as well and this is a strong ally when you are looking to sell yourself. While you are at it, review your diet too. This will help you get the most benefit out of any exercise program.

Meet Other People in The Industry and Network.

have a look and see what other like-minded professionals do in their time off. Are any of these activities you would enjoy? Most workplace and career opportunities will come from people you will know, so get out and meet some new people and learn what drives them. Martial arts training is a great addition to your security resume if you don’t have it already and will help you stay fit and meet other people that could be instrumental in your next job opportunity.

Try to Learn At Least One New Short Term Skill Every Few Months.

Some achievements will take you years and a lot of persistence. While this is good to strive for in the longer term, look to attain at least 3 or 4 short term skills for the year that you can attain in parallel with any other training you are undertaking. Certificates in weapons training, security risk management and other short courses can help keep you motivated with short term achievement if you are on a long journey with other professional development studies.

Take control of this year from the very beginning and secure your next career milestone.


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