Hiring the Right Security Guard

If you are looking to hire a security guard, you probably have a significant investment worth protecting. That investment may take the form of a party that you have spent a lot of time and money planning and don’t want it wrecked by uninvited guests or fights. You may own or manage a venue and want to preserve (or change) it’s reputation as a safe place for a night out. Maybe you are a stakeholder in a company and need to protect its assets and/or personnel. The decision to hire a security guard can be an important one as the wrong decision can wreck your special night, set your business back or even destroy a significant investment. When you do your research keep in mind these helpful tips that will help get the most benefit from your decision to hire a security guard:

Hire for purpose.

If you are hiring a security guard(s) for a party then choose a company that has good experience in providing those specific types of security services. The job of good security guards at these types of functions is to make the night run as smoothly as possible. Sure it may involve stopping fights or preventing gate-crashers from entering, but it also about looking for potential indicators of misfortune and preventing these events long before they happen. This might involve assessing individuals’ consumption of alcohol and finding discreet methods to limit their intake. It may involve looking for potential hazards that may injure guests or ensuring safe transportation home for intoxicated guests who might otherwise drive. Companies experienced at providing party security should be well aware of all of these services and you should feel comfortable asking your prospective security suppliers for details about the services they provide. If they can’t explain services that demonstrate experience or foresight, then it would be wise to shop around. Similarly, if you are looking for asset protection, then do some research on the types of qualities that reputable security service providers provide. Paying for this kind of experience my cost a little more in the short term, but not paying for it may prove to be a lot more expensive later if you found that you have hired the wrong people.

Don’t skimp on price.

If you are only going for cheap (or even free), you may want to consider whether you should be hiring security at all as you might be paying for a negative outcome. While the most expensive service may not necessarily mean the best service, be very careful about using providers that are significantly cheaper than the rest, it is usually a good indicator that there might be something wrong. Watch for service providers who try and take short-cuts such as under-estimating the required staff for a venue or function.

Ask for credentials.

If you were hiring an employee, you would interview them first and ask questions to ascertain whether they were the right candidate for the job. You should do the same for your decision around security guard hire. The level of scrutiny you apply to this process should reflect the magnitude of your investment that you are looking to hire security to protect. It is perfectly reasonable to ask questions around specific experience related to the work that you are considering them for. Ask for evidence of formal security training and licences. Ask for examples of security related incidents that were able to resolve, and ask for any guarantees that they might be able to make with regard to your specific requirements.

Evaluate and recommend and review.

If you do have a positive experience than pass this information on to other prospective clients to make their decision making easier and reward the companies that provide excellent service. If you have a bad experience, then potential customers should be aware of this too.



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