A Company Guide to Providing Quality Security Services

If you are a security services provider supplying security guards for hire, you should consider some of the most important aspects identified by potential security services customers. The content in this article is a summary compiled by researching various customer expectations and the criteria they use in choosing a security services supplier.

Basic Criteria

Unless you meet these very basic criteria, then you probably aren’t fit to operate, let along be considered a reputable supplier. Anyone seeking to sell security services should look to exceed basic expectations with these criteria and have evidence on hand to justify any queries made by prospective customers. You should (at a minimum) be able to comfortably answer these questions.

  1. Are you adequately licenced to operate in all of the territories where you are seeking to sell security services? Are these licences current? Are there any licences required to operate that your company does not have?
  2. Do you have professional indemnity and public liability insurance? Is your business adequately insured to provide security services? Are all of your insurance policies current?
  3. Can you provide a breakdown of the costs you incur as a result of you supplying security services?
  4. What training do your security officers have? Who are your most qualified security guards and what training have they had?
  5. Can you provide a list of your current clients that can be used as references?
  6. What are the minimum qualifications a security guard needs to have to work for your company?
  7. Have you ever made any insurance claims or been involved in an insurance claim? If so can you provide details of the claim.
  8. Has your company ever been involved in a worker’s compensation claim? If so can you provide details of the number of claims and individual details for each claim.
  9. Do all of your security guards speak fluent English?
  10. Have you had any history of any complaints made against you for providing inferior service or negligence?

Additional Criteria

Most quality security companies will try sell themselves as professional suppliers that can handle potentially dangerous situations while minimising risk to the client and their staff. You should be able to answer these questions comfortably and give examples based on real experience.

  1. When has your company had to defuse a potentially dangerous situation? Describe the situation and describe what action was taken.
  2. Can you describe a situation where the customer expectations were not clear? What did you do to rectify the situation?
  3. What are some typical mistakes made by inferior security services companies?
  4. What process do you have in place to ensure that your staff are not involved in any illegal activities and are drug free?
  5. What are your biggest challenges as a security services supplier? How are looking to overcome these challenges?

Being prepared to answer all of the above questions will ultimately put you in a much better position to successfully sell security services. With each new prospective customer, consider their own unique requirements and how you may fall short in providing services to them.  Take steps to ensure you are in a better position to supply services to a customer with similar needs and update your sales and marketing material accordingly.


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