Signs You Need to Look for A New Security Guard Already

Security guard service has become an inevitable need for businesses such as bank, conventional stores and even office premises that are vulnerable to vandalism, burglary and other criminal activities.

However, not every business that is on the lookout for a private security guard service ends up with a right one. This brings us to discuss common signs that indicate you have hired a wrong security professional and need to hire a new one immediately.

Preoccupied with personal issues

If your security guard seems way too much engrossed in personal issues and is unable to keep their personal life out of their job, you might want to reconsider your security guard options.

A security guard can’t afford to be spaced out no matter what they’re dealing with in their personal life.  They are responsible for protecting their client and their property from unseen threats and risks. If they have some issues going on in their personal life which they’re preoccupied with at work too, there’s a good chance they are not fully absorbed in their job.

Unnecessarily Talkative

Do you always find your security professional engaging in idle conversations with people around? It may be time to look for a new guard.

Engaging in unnecessary talks and discussions during work hours depicts unprofessional behaviour of a security guard. Such practice makes it easier for burglars and criminals to gain access to the premises and cause loss and damage they intend to.

Inappropriate on-duty behaviour

A successful career as a security guard demands much more than knowing how to do your job. A security guard must know how to properly behave and conduct themselves on duty.

Here are a few signs of inappropriate behaviour on duty that not only exude an unprofessional and irresponsible attitude but also put the client’s safety at stake.

  • Drinking. Not only does it affect their fitness and health but it also reduces their ability to sense emergencies and response quickly.
  • Smoking including use of tobacco. It can interfere with a security guard’s fitness for duty, professional image and work.
  • The last thing you want to encounter is watch your so-called professional security guard taking a nap on duty. This can increase the chances of criminal attacks and incidents and loss and damage associated with it.
  • Listening to music. A guard who is always humming with their earphones on or dancing to music on their phone, will naturally respond late to emergencies as they occur while increasing the risk and loss involved.


If any of these potential warning signs sound familiar, you are better off looking for a new security guard, Sydney.

Remember that having a security guard stationed around your residence or business is a paramount to protecting you and your business and property against potential risks and dangers. So, make sure to compare your choices for security service on the basis of qualification, experience and reputation.


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