Security Guard, your go-to source for security

Don’t skim when it comes to your security. A security guard, hired to provide safety and support at your special event or small business, just might save the day. Security professionals are carefully selected for their unmatched training, reliability, professionalism and, friendly and responsive service, to deliver you highest quality protection. In addition to being an operative first response to any legitimate security incidents, security guards act as a visual deterrent to abate the possibility of crime, trespassing and vandalism.

Key things to consider when hiring your security partner

From your business operations to your fancy soirees, a security guard adds a stabilising presence to any event. When you hire security officers from Australia’s leading provider of bespoke security guard solutions, you can expect a made to fit security solution based on your specific requirements. Security needs can be different depending on the situation.

A team of highly trained personnel offer services specialised to your situation- whether it’s for a private event, school, business, your residence or shopping mall. Feel safe with the person hired to keep you safe and make them your go-to source for security. But before hiring the security company you should ask some questions to ensure that you get the best security in the industry.

Research the security company that you wish to hire to learn if they:

  • Do security tests and background check of employees
  • Recruit and train security guards against a carefully designed range of core competencies, and undergo a comprehensive selection process that may include literacy and numeracy testing, police checks, reference checking and probity clearance.
  • Perform regular drug testing
  • Offer armed guards in case of high-risk situations.
  • Offer ‘observe and report’ guards wherein security guards are trained to collect evidence and take statements in the case of crime or accident.
  • Have standards in place of who works for the

The mere presence of security guard provides safety in itself. The front-end investment in hiring security personnel gives priceless peace of mind, while saving your money and life by deterring crime and shoplifting. Security guards take the worry out of safeguarding people, properties, and assets that matter most to you. So, hire security guard specialists for the responsive service you deserve.


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