Is Your Security Guard Attacked? Here’s What You Can Do

Security guards or close personal protection officers are responsible for providing an additional level of protection to individuals, businesses or private property against external threats. While the primary duty of a security professional is to observe and report felonious elements or suspicious behaviour indicative of criminal activity, there occur unfavourable situations that leave security personnel vulnerable to violence or assault.

If one of your security guards has been caught in such a situation and faced fatal injuries while on the job, here are a few essential steps you can take to handle the situation and prevent the reoccurrence of the same.

Step 1. Investigate

Needless to mention, security personnel are required to keep a log of activities that take place around the site they’re deployed at, which serves as legal documentation to be referred in case of a criminal situation.

Review the documentation and onsite surveillance recordings to get a better idea of the situation while interviewing cooperative witnesses to determine what exactly happened.  Not only will analysing the legal documentation help in legal proceedings but it will also provide an appropriate approach to ensuring strategic safety measures in the future.

Step 2. Review and Resolve

The next step would be identifying factors that lead to the assault in the first place.

Was the assaulted officer posted around an exposed location at the time of the incident? Was the officer enforced to intervene when exposed to a spontaneous threat to life? Were surveillance cameras available to monitor the activity and notify law enforcement?

Finding answers to these questions will help you make improvements around security workspace, which will ensure an enhanced level of safety onsite.

Step 3. Take Required Action

Once you have analysed the situation and identified the factors that led to the assault on your security guard, you are ready to make informed decisions around the changes you need to make in order to mitigate potential attacks on your security guards.

Take necessary actions immediately and make sure the changes you make are in the best interest of people involved.

To Sum Up

Even if you deploy your best security officers on the required site, the chances are your officers may be faced with situations when protecting their clients that leave them injured or assaulted. If your security guard in Sydney has been a victim to onsite assault too, take immediate actions to enhance security of your personnel as well as your clients.


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