Five Consideration Factors For Security Guard Hire

Looking to engage professionals in the security industry can be a difficult and potentially expensive proposition. The industry is largely unregulated, there isn’t much transparency or clear information when trying to ascertain who the most qualified suppliers. Furthermore, the security industry is constantly targeted by the media with accusations of association to criminal operators, violence, outlaw gangs and drug trafficking. When you go to canvass potential suppliers for your own security needs, whether it be to protect property or people you would be wise to keep in mind these factors recommended by industry leading security experts. Continue reading “Five Consideration Factors For Security Guard Hire”

A Company Guide to Providing Quality Security Services

If you are a security services provider supplying security guards for hire, you should consider some of the most important aspects identified by potential security services customers. The content in this article is a summary compiled by researching various customer expectations and the criteria they use in choosing a security services supplier.

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Hiring the Right Security Guard

If you are looking to hire a security guard, you probably have a significant investment worth protecting. That investment may take the form of a party that you have spent a lot of time and money planning and don’t want it wrecked by uninvited guests or fights. You may own or manage a venue and want to preserve (or change) it’s reputation as a safe place for a night out. Maybe you are a stakeholder in a company and need to protect its assets and/or personnel. The decision to hire a security guard can be an important one as the wrong decision can wreck your special night, set your business back or even destroy a significant investment. Continue reading “Hiring the Right Security Guard”

Security Guards Sydney – New Year New Job

For most security guards living and working in Sydney, January is a quiet month and a chance to rest up after the end of year celebrations. For many, it is a time reflect on the year gone by and look towards setting some career goals for the new year. It is also the time when many security guards get prepared for securing new roles, promotions and a plan for upskilling themselves for this year. Remember the following as you launch head first into the new year:

February Is an Active Month.

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Security Guards and The Law

Most members of the public and even some security guards themselves may be a bit blurry on the rights security guards have to arrest, detain and search. There have been many instances of security guards responding to incidents illegally.


Some of these cases have been reported in the media and many are the result of security guards simply not knowing or behaving outside of the laws that govern how they are permitted to respond in certain situations. Continue reading “Security Guards and The Law”

Sydney Security Guard Working on The Gold Coast – Chapter 3

During the time, I worked as a security guard on the Gold Coast, I experienced schoolies twice.


With the schoolies crowd, we had to be fairly compromising and give some leeway; we couldn’t physically engage with kids, no matter what they’d done. Even when we had to call the police, their attitude was “They’re just kids, having fun”, so we had to be nice.

What I found with the schoolies was that they were sneakier than the adult crowds, they liked to play a kind of hid-and-seek. If, for example, it was time for me to ask them to leave and lock the gate to a swimming pool at a particular resort, they’d try to sneak in a different way. Continue reading “Sydney Security Guard Working on The Gold Coast – Chapter 3”

Sydney Security Guard Working on the Gold Coast – Chapter 2

10426118_1581290902109199_7888618315194412179_nDuring the time that I worked as a security guard on the Gold Coast, I met guards who were working as bodyguards, or in close personal protection services. Although I met them, they didn’t socialise with other security guards; they tended to be more secretive.

Bodyguards, or close personal protection guards, are the elite of security services. Some have previously been ordinary security guards, but a large number of them have a military background. There are many invaluable skills learned in the military to equip bodyguards for their work; particularly in picking up that sixth sense to what is happening around them. Continue reading “Sydney Security Guard Working on the Gold Coast – Chapter 2”